California has unused ventilator beds right under its nose as COVID-19 rips throughout the state like wildfire.

California, still shaken by the recent statewide inferno has a new problem on its hands and this is going to happen before the 2020 fire season. COVID-19 will have a far greater impact on the state of California than we can imagine.  Meanwhile, California has dozens of unused beds that are equipped to treat those with COVID-19, specifically those requiring ventilators.  These beds are located in moth-balled congregate living health facilities.  Scattered throughout the state, sitting idle, due to lack of government funding.  These facilities were intended to provide services that Medical and Medicare were supposed to cover.  Unfortunately, that was not the case and now these facilities that could be used to alleviate the pressure of this roaring pandemic are sitting vacant as emergency rooms are full.  It may be too late at this time, but this is not the last we are to hear about pandemics.  It is believed that we will see another round in the near future, and this could become the new normal.

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