Senior Living Facilities are well positioned for success in all phases of the real estate cycle.

Seniorcare Specialists is a provider of investment options into seniorcare and currently operates senior care housing throughout Southern CA. It was started with a mission to dedication and enhancing the quality of life for the elderly, as well as provide a safe investment option that can generate constant passive income.

We are proud of our compassionate senior care investment program designed to help people earn the same if not greater than stock market returns without the day to day volatility.

Where it all began

It all began in the late 2016 when Sean Mckeever while taking care of his grandmother with dementia identified the need for high-quality care services for people living with this chronic disease.

By early 2017, Sean recognised the time had come to establish ”Seniorcare Specialists” as a separate legal entity. A savvy and experienced financial planner started giving importance outside the numbers in the path of serving the world for the good.

This growth was boosted by the local community who started supporting Sean in making a mark within the senior care sector during 2018. By then, Seniorcare Specialists had earned a reputation as an experienced and sizeable private care service provider.

During the early 2019, Sean with his experience as a financial planner started working toward expansion. He brought-in two dimensions to the Seniorcare Specialists:

1. Giving investors another option to the usual investments such as annuities, mutual funds and reits.

2. Providing care to the vulnerable seniors at a level he would feel comfortable having his grandmother at.

Since then, we’re expanding our base every few months, as well as working towards improving the overall community, and care sector.